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  • Nikki Jones

The Pole Pole Foundation’s new Women’s Empowerment Program proves a big attraction

Updated: Aug 11, 2021

The inaugural meeting of the new Women’s Empowerment Program (PWEG) proved a big success with 93 women signing up to be members of the Mushroom Growing Initiative.

There was much excitement at the gathering and the women were singing and dancing enthusiastically.

They are really looking forward to learning this new skill.

The mushroom growing hut has been prepared and made dark ready for the project to begin.

The lady who is going to give them the training is getting supplies from Bujumbura, just over the border in Burundi, and they will be starting very soon.

Other projects selected to be part of the Women’s Empowerment Program were soap making, juice making and a sewing workshop, which will follow shortly.

We wish everyone involved much success!

Mrs Odette Kahekwa with some of the women who have signed up for the mushroom growing initiative part of the Pole Pole Foundation’s new Women’s Empowerment Program.

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