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  • Eddy Kahekwa

Working on fuel efficiency

The ladies of the Women's Empowerment Group are working to make their charcoal last as long as it possibly can.

Even though the charcoal they use comes from our sustainably grown trees, and not the pristine rainforest that we work to protect, it still makes sense to use it as efficiently as possible.

So our ladies have been busy making fuel balls.

These balls are made using charcoal, clay and sawdust.

They burn very well but have the advantage of making the charcoal go further, saving trees in the process.

The women have also been making clay braziers to sell at market.

How resourceful they are!

And listen to how they sing as they work, praising The Pole Pole Foundation (POPOF).

Wouldn't it be lovely if we could all sing like that at work!?!

There are some energy-efficient stoves on the market, and we would love to be able to provide those to our communities to make our fuel balls go even further, so if you have a business which is looking to fund a carbon-negative project, please get in touch to see how we might make that happen.

But in the absence of that, we think our ladies have done a great job!

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