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  • Nikki Jones

Soap Making Workshop

The ladies of the POPOF Women’s Empowerment Group have wanted to learn to make soap for some time.

Finally, they received training and have been given the raw materials to make their first batches.

They have made two different soaps now.

Both locally known as ‘KIFEBE’.

The solid blue soap is used for washing clothes.

The yellow soap with the blue flecks in is used for washing people and pots/plates/dishes.

So resourceful!

They made a wooden frame with a ‘cheese wire’ cutter to cut the soap into small blocks which they have bagged up ready for sale at market.

Well done ladies!

That's another skill to add to your growing list.

Please note: The palm oil used comes from fields a couple of villages away, and is a totally ethical crop for which no rainforest was cut down. Palm fields produce more oil per acre than any other oil crop and are a good source of livelihood for that community.

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1 Comment

Sep 04, 2021

So great to see the ladies of the Women's Empowerment Group learning new skills!

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