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8 Billion Trees Supports The Pole Pole Foundation In Its Mission To Protect The D.R.C.

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

Founded by Conservationist John Kahekwa in 1992, The Pole Pole Foundation is working hard to make a powerful difference in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The organization, now recognized around the world for its efforts, shares a common goal with 8 Billion Trees: reforesting devastated areas to rebuild and restore habitats.

Focusing its efforts around the Kahuzi-Biega National Park, The Pole Pole Foundation is fighting to preserve and enhance the natural buffer zone of tree canopy surrounding the park. Having already planted over 4 million trees, the organization’s tree nurseries have only continued to grow and make a greater impact over time.

While the mature trees are sometimes harvested by the local community to be used as firewood and building materials—the revenue used to feed children and provide schooling—they also serve a very important purpose for wildlife in the park.

A testament to John Kahekwa’s devotion to conservationism and the expertise of the organization’s UK team head up by Nikki Jones and Richard Milburn, trees are carefully and purposefully planted in the buffer zone to protect and sustain one of the most majestic species currently on our planet: gorillas.

Working to solve the deforestation crisis in the DRC at its source, tree nurseries operated by The Pole Pole Foundation not only produce trees to be planted in the buffer zone, but provide them to peoples surrounding the park so that individuals aren’t motivated to wrongfully enter the park and cut down mature rainforest trees serving as precious habitats for gorillas.

Anyone familiar with the deforestation crisis around the globe understands how complex the problem truly is, and 8 Billion Trees admires The Pole Pole Foundation for its approach and is excited to continue supporting their reforestation efforts.

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